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Nishiki-e Shūshindan (Brocade Pictures for Moral Education), Volume 4

Raikō (Yorimitsu) Enters the Treasure Mountain from the series Sketches by Yoshitoshi

Japanese Color Woodblock Prints 

Nishiki-e Shūshindan

(Brocade Pictures for Moral Education)

Volume 4, 1884

by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi

Ikina from the series Instructive Models of Lofty Ambition

IHL Cat. #1541

The Frugality of Kuroda Josui
IHL Cat. #1541a
[The samurai and Christian convert Kuroda Jusoi (1546-1604) was known for his frugality and also for his generosity. Here he has instructed his servant to remove the flesh from some tai he had been sent as a present and make soup of the bones for he and his guests, who had borrowed money from him. His guests seeing this severe economy worried that they would be charged high interest on their loan but Kuroda would not even take the principal.]
The Wisdom of Gassendi
IHL Cat. #1541b
[The French prodigy Pierre Gassendi, who as a boy used his powers of observation to prove to his friends that the moon stays stationary while the clouds move. For a more complete description see The Wisdom of Gassendi [Proving that the Clouds Move, Not the Moon] from the illustrated textbook Nishikie Shūshindan, Volume 4] 

About This Book

Volume four of a six volume set of moral instruction textbooks designed for young children titled Nishiki-e shūshindan 錦絵修身談, Brocade Pictures for Moral Education. Each volume contained from one to three color woodblock prints by one of the most popular artists of the time Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892), who also designed the black and white illustrations that accompanied the short stories written by Yamana Tomesaburō, based upon the morally illustrative actions of adults and children from Japan, China and the West.

This volume contains two color woodblock prints by Yoshitoshi titled The Frugality of Kuroda Josui 黒田如水の倹 and The Wisdom of Gassendi ガセンヂの智 which are shown below along with the all the pages in the textbook.  This volume contains fifteen short stories and four black and white illustrations.

For more information about these textbooks see the article on this site Brocade Pictures for Moral Education.




 The Frugality of Kuroda Josui
The Wisdom of Gassendi 

稲垣千穎 校閲
[Inagaki Chikai proofreader]
[Yamana Tomesaburō]
辻敬之 編輯
[Tsuji Keiji editor]
[Masukawa Kanyū]
(story 1)
(一) 幼児主の為に罪を畏れず


(story 2)

(story 3)

(story 4)
(四) 粗食却りて美味となる
Even Simple Food Has Good Flavor When Shared With a Neighbor
(story 5)

(story 6)

(story 7)

(story 8)
(story 9)


 (story 10)

(story 11)

(story 12)
(story 13)

(story 14)
(story 15)

Information in colophon
錦絵修身談 四巻  明治十五年三月一日板權免許
 編輯人 山名留三郎 
編輯人 増川蚶雄
編輯兼出版人 辻敬之
發兌 普及舎
Meiji 15th year, 3rd month, 1st day publishing rights license
 Meiji 16th year, 7th month publication
Editor [writer] Yamana Tomesaburō
Editor Masukawa Kanyū
Editor and Publisher Tsuji Keiji
Publishing House Fukyūsha

Book Details

 IHL Catalog #1541
 Title Nishiki-e Shūshindan  錦絵修身談 巻
 (Brocade Pictures for Moral Education; also seen translated as Instructive Stories in Color Prints and Color Prints of Stories for Moral Education)
 Author Yamana Tomesaburō 山名留三郎 
 Editor Masukawa Kanyū 増川蚶雄   
 Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892)
 Signatures of Artist
應需芳年 画 Ōju Yoshitoshi ga with Taiso 大蘇 seal (The Frugality of Kuroda Josui)
應需芳年 画 Ōju Yoshitoshi ga with Yoshitoshi 芳年 seal (The Wisdom of Gassendi)

芳年画 Yoshitoshi ga [appearing on the first black and white illustration]
 Seal of Artist 大蘇 Taiso and 芳年 Yoshitoshi as shown above
 Date July 1884
 Publisher 辻敬之 普及舎  Tsuji Keiji of Fukyūsha
 Carver no carver seal present on either color print
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition book: fair - wormage last quarter of pages
 color prints: good - no wormage, some soiling
 Genre ehon 絵本; ōraimono 往来物 (elementary school textbook); kyōiku nishikie
The stamped seal of Ōmiya Elementary School appearing on the upper right of the first page of text.
 Format fukurotoji binding; the two color prints bound into the front of the book are horizontal aiban-size folded in half for insertion
 H x W Book 8 13/16 x 5 7/8 in. (22.4 x 14.9 cm)
 Collections This Print National Diet Library call no. 特35-408; Minneapolis Institute of Art 2017.106.255.4
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