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Illustration of the Fierce Battle at the Surrender of Pyongyang Fort

Gossip: Sino-Japanese War [Break in the Fighting After Victory at Asan]

Japanese Color Woodblock Print

Illustration of the Fierce Battle at the Surrender

of Pyongyang Fort

by Watanabe Nobukazu, 1894

The Attack on Weihaiwei: The Taking of the Hundred Foot Cliff

IHL Cat. #157

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The Battle of Pyongyang (Pingyang)

Source: Impressions of the Front: Woodcuts of theSino-Japanese War, Okamoto, Shumpei, Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1983, p. 23.
At dawn on September 15, 1894, the Japanese brigades under Lieutenant General Nozu Michistsura and Major General Oshima Yoshimasa surrounded the stronghold at Pingyang and began a full attack.  The Chinese, entrenched and fortified, fought fiercely as the battle developed.  When the Japanese toppled the Gembu Gate, however, the Chinese commanders began to consider evacuation.  The north wing commander Tso Pao-kwei [Zao Baogui] led his troops to repel the Japanese forces and died courageously in battle, but the supreme commander Yeh Chih-chao fled in the night, bringing about the Chinese defeat.

The figures identified in the red cartouches are:
right panel: Army Lieutenant General Nozu 野津陸軍中将, Major General Tatsumi (Tadzumi) 立見陸軍少将, Infantry Colonel Satō 佐藤歩兵大佐
center panel: Infantry Captain Tagami? 田上歩兵大尉, Quing General Zuo Baogui 清将左寳貴
left panel: Major General Ōsako 大迫陸軍少将, Major General Nagata 永田砲兵少佐, Major General Ōshima
大島陸軍少将, Infantry Captain Hayashi 林歩兵大尉

Detail of General Zuo Baogui with his Manchurian army forces,
who are portrayed with respect for their bravery.
When the 17,000 man Japanese army attacked Pyongyang
on September 15, only his forces resisted
and he was killed in action.

To see more prints of the Sino-Japanese War see the article Sino-Japanese War Prints (1894-1895).

New York Times Article of September 17, 1894

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Print Details

 IHL Catalog
 Title or Description Illustration of the Fierce Battle at the Surrender of Pyongyang Fort 
 Pyongyang gekisen rakujō no zu 平壌激戰落城之圖 [平壌激戦落城之図]
 Artist Watanabe Nobukazu (1872-1944)
ōju Yōsai Nobukazu hitsu 應需 楊斎延一 
 Seal none
 Publication Date October 1, 1894 (printed on September 28, 1894)
Maki Kinnosuke 牧金之助 [Marks: pub. ref. 291; seal not shown]
Hori Kō 
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition good - moderate wrinkling, red ink offset on all panels. some staining
 Genre ukiyo-esenso-e
 Format vertical oban triptych
 H x W Paper 
 14 7/8 x 9 7/8 in. (37.8 x 25 cm) approx. each sheet

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 National Diet Library Call Number 寄別8-5-1-2
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