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House of Yase Women from the series Life of Kyoto

Wada Sanzō (1883-1967)

Japanese Color Woodblock Print

House of Yase Women

from the series Life of Kyoto

by Wada Sanzō, c. 1950s

Wada Sanzō (1883-1967)

IHL Cat. #1009

About This Print

Picturing two traditionally dressed women in front of a home in the town of Yase near Kyoto.  Women dressed as shown in the print are often referred to Oharame, Ohara being a picturesque and better known town near Yase where many women continued to wear traditional dress, even after WWII.  See this collection's prints Oharame (IHL Cat. #313) and Flower Vendors from the series Occupations of Showa Japan in Pictures, Series 1 (IHL Cat. #1003) for another depiction of an Oharame.

The Series Life of Kyoto 
Consisting of six chuban-sized prints (see below) depicting activities and places in and around Kyoto, this series was published by an unknown publisher identified as 宮脇美風扇版 in the rectangular cartouche in the lower right margin of each print.  The publisher's name has been translated as Miyawake Bifu Ōgi, but I can find no reference to this publisher other than its cartouche on this print series.  (For additional discussion of this publisher see "Print Details - Publisher" below.)

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一力茶屋 Ichiriki Chaya
(Ichiriki Tea House)
製陶工房 Seito no Kōbō
(Porcelain manufacturing workshop)

裏千家 Ura-senke
(Urasenke school of tea ceremony)

酒造り Sakedukuri
(Sake brewing)

Scene at a Zen Temple from the series Life of Kyoto
禅寺風景 Zenji Fūkei
(Scene at a Zen temple)
IHL Cat. #1061
House of Yase Women from the series Life of Kyoto
八瀬女の家 Yase-me no Ie
(House of Yase Women)
IHL Cat. #1009

Print Details

 IHL Catalog #1009
 Title/Description House of Yase Women (八瀬女の家 Yase-me no Ie)
 Series Life of Kyoto
 Wada Sanzō (1883-1967)
 not signed
 Publication Date c. 1950s
宮脇美風扇版 Miyawaki Bifū Ōgi han (Transliteration of publisher is unclear. Other possible readings are Miyawaki Mifū Ōgi han and Miyawaki Bifūsen-han. Ōgi suggests that this publisher dealt in fan prints.  It is possible that the publisher is the present day company Kyoto Miyawaki Baisennan’京都宮脇賣扇庵 which deals in decorative fans.)
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition good - light toning most noticeable along left margin
 Genre shin hanga
 Format chuban
 H x W Paper 9 3/8 x 13 in. (23.8 x 33 cm) 
 H x W Image 7 3/8 x 10 in. (18.7 x 25.4 cm)
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