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Utagawa Kuniteru III (active c. 1886-1895)

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Utagawa Kuniteru III 歌川 国輝(代) (active c. 1886-1895)
Sources: The Hotei Encyclopedia of Japanese Woodblock Prints, Amy Reigle Newland, Hotei Publishing Company, 2005, p. 504

Little information is available on the rather minor print artist Utagawa Kuniteru III (1830-1874) and what information is available is somewhat contradictory.  According to The Hotei Encyclopedia, Kuniteru III was initially a student of Utagawa Kunitsuru II 歌川国鶴 (二代) and assumed the name Kunitsuru III 国靏 (二代) upon his teacher's death in 1874.  However, other sources list the death date of Kunitsuru II as 19191, making it very unlikely that he ever assumed the name Kunitsuru III.  What does seem fairly certain is that he went on to become a student of Toyohara Kunichika (1835–1900) and used the signature Toyohara Kuniteru 豊原国輝, along with the signatures Kyokusai Kuniteru, Toyosu Kuniteru and Okada Kuniteru, as shown below.

His main artistic output were bunmei kaika-e (pictures of modernization), similar to Utagawa Kuniteru II (1830-1874) . While he is credited with the design of sumo-e, I believe that is in error due to confusion with the works of Kuniteru I (1808-1876).  In addition, the works of Utagawa Kuniteru III and Utagawa Kuniteru II (1830-1874) are often confused.

1 Kunitsuru I died in 1878.

Signatures and Seals Attributed to the Artist (A Sampling)

Kuniteru ga with Toshidama seal 
Kuniteru with Okada seal

Toyohara Kuniteru hitsu with Toshidama seal
Toyohara Kuniteru ga with Toshidama seal
Kyokusai Kuniteru with Toshidama seal

Okada Kuniteru with Toshidama seal

豊原 国輝画
Toyohara Kuniteru ga with Toshidama seal
shō Kyokusai Kuniteru ga with Toshidama seal

Toyosu Kuniteru ga with Toshidama seal
Toyohara Kuniteru ga with Okada seal
Toyohara Kuniteru ga