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Toyohara Chikamitsu (active c. 1891- 1896)

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[Toyohara] Chikamitsu [豊原] 周光 (active c. 1891-1896)
No information is available on this artist who was a pupil of Toyohara Kunichika (1835–1900). In addition to this collection's triptych depicting famous actors of the day* I can find reference to only one other print created by the artist, a single-sheet print dated May, 1895 depicting the national diet building and titled   
東京名所国会議事堂 (Famous Places of Tokyo, National Diet Building).

The National Library of Australia lists the artist's family name as "Toyohara," but I believe that is just a supposition based upon his being a student of Toyohara Kunichika.

*note that this collection's actor triptych uses the same blocks as an earlier triptych published in 1891 in the collections of the Japan Arts Council and the National Library of Australia.  See Ranking of Wages of Tokyo Actors for more information.

Artist's Signatures and seals

Chikamitsu pupil of Kunichika