Table of Contents for the series Twelve Aspects of Kyoto

Japanese Color Woodblock Print

Table of Contents 

for the series Twelve Aspects of Kyoto

by Tokuriki Tomikichirō, 1943

Oharame - April from the series Twelve Aspects of Kyoto

IHL Cat. #2202

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The table of contents for the series Twelve Aspects of Kyoto. In the background are various auspicious items including daruma dolls, a red torii gate and a treasure ship for the seven gods of good luck.

The Series - Twelve Aspects of Kyoto

This collection of twelve ko-tanzaku format prints was originally published in November 1943. As originally released, the prints were mounted onto a stiff backing and placed in a folding portfolio by the publisher or placed into a decorative wooden box, as pictured below. At an unknown date the prints were sold unmounted without the stiff backing.

The prints (shown below) provide views of various festivals and places in Kyoto (referred to in the series title by its once popular name of Kyōraku). As listed in the Table of Contents, each print was linked to one of the twelve months.

 January 正月 Heinan Shrine 平安神宮大鳥居
 February 二月 Fushimi Inari Shrine Hatsuuma Festival  伏見稲荷初午
 March 三月 Omuro 御室の櫻
 April 四月 Oharame 大原女
 May 五月 Rain at Uji Byodoin Temple 宇治平等院雨
 June 六月 BambooCutting Festival at Kurama   鞍馬の竹伐會式
 July 七月 NightBefore Gion Festival  祇園會宵山
 August 八月 Kyo no Daimonji 大文字
 September 九月 The Moon at YasakaPagoda  八坂塔名月
 October 十月 OxFestival  太秦牛祭
 November 十一月 Kiyomizu Temple at ShinTakao  清水寺新高雄
 December 師走 Clearing Snow at Kinkakuji  銀閣寺晴雪
Note: Prints are shown in month order below starting with January in the upper
right and proceeding counter-clockwise, finishing with December in the lower left.

colophon label pasted on inside of portfolio
創作版画 京洛十二趣
作者 徳力富吉郎作
發行者印刷 内田基

Decorative box

Print Details

 IHL Catalog #2202
 Title Table of Contents 目録
 Series Twelve Aspects of Kyoto
 Kyōraku jūnishu  京洛十二趣
 Tokuriki Tomikichirō (1902-2000)
徳力富吉郎作 work by Tokuriki Tomikichirō
 Seal not sealed
 Date originally November 25, 1943
 Edition unknown 
 Publisher Uchida Bijutsu Shoshi
 内田美術書肆 (Uchida Art Bookstore)
 發行者印刷 内田基一 (Uchida Kiichi printer and publisher)
 Impression excellent
 Colors good - fading
 Condition good - minor toning and soiling
 Genre shin hanga (new print)
 Format ko-tanzaku
 H x W Paper 14 3/16 x 3 3/16 in. (36 x 8.1 cm)
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