Index for the series Thirty Subjects [Views] of Kyoto

Japanese Color Woodblock Print 


for the series Thirty Subjects [Views] of Kyoto

by Tokuriki Tomikichirō, 1936

Daimonji from the series Thirty Subjects [Views] of Kyoto

IHL Cat. #1944

About This Print and the Portfolio Thirty Subjects [Views] of Kyoto

This print, mounted on its original stiff board, serves as the index to the portfolio of thirty prints titled Thirty Subjects of Kyoto published by the Uchida Art Store (Uchida Woodblock Printing Company) in 1936.  The thirty prints along with this index and a decorative cover board were originally sold in a handmade box, as shown below.  It is not known, if the thirty prints in the series were sold individually, but I imagine they were. Uchida reissued may, if not all of the prints, after WWII as part of the series Twelve Months of Kyoto (Kyo-meisho junikagetsu).

Until I came across an image of the colophon for the set, see below, I was not able to nail down the  publishing date, which is now confirmed as October 1936.


昭和十一年十月廿一日印刷 昭和十一年十月廿五日発行
[printed October 21, 1936 and issued October 25, 1936]
不許複製 手摺木版 京洛三十題 
[all rights reserved, hand printed woodblock; Thirty Subjects of Kyoto
著作者 徳力富吉
[Tokuriki Tomikichiro author]
印刷兼 発行者 内田基一
[Uchida Kiichi printer and publisher]
発行所 内田美術書肆
[publishing house Uchida Art Store (preceded by address)]

Print Details

 IHL Catalog #1944
 Title Index
 Series 京洛三十題 (Kyōraku sanjū dai
 Thirty Subjects [Views] of Kyoto 
 note: also seen translated as Thirty Aspects of Kyoto
 Tokuriki Tomikichirō (1902-2000)
 no signature 
 Seal no seal
 Date 1936
 Edition original (first) edition
 Publisher Uchida bijutsu shoshi 内田美術書肆
 Impression excellent
 Colors good
 Condition fair - overall toning; diagonal crease in backing board not visible from fron
 Genre shin hanga (new print)
 Format shikishiban
 H x W Paper 10 3/4 x 9 1/2 in. (27.3 x 24.1 cm)
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