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Shusetsu (20th century)

Prints in Collection

A Set of Three Nōsatsu Kōkanfuda - Fūjin the Wind God, Raijin the Thunder God, Calligraphic Cover Sheet
IHL Cat. #1686b-d

Biographical Data


Shusetsu 守拙 (20th  century)

No information is available about this artist who designed a set of kōkanfuda (multi-color votive exchange prints) for a nōsatsukai (votive slip association) which he signed 守拙 and sealed with a still unread seal shown below. It is possible that he is one and the same with a little known nihonga artist whose name appears on several silk scroll paintings designed in the early 1900s who also signed his name 守拙, examples of whose work, signature and seals are also shown below.

Signatures and Seals of Artist 
[Are the designer of the woodblock print and the painter of the scrolls the same person?]

守拙 with unread seal


守拙 with unread seal
守拙 with unread seal