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Bon Odori

White Plum from the book Nihon no Hana

Japanese Color Woodblock Print

Bon Odori

by Maekawa Senpan, 1956

White Plum from the book Nihon no Hana

IHL Cat. #1079

About This Print

Senpan's rendition of the Buddhist custom of Bon Odori (bon dance) during which one's deceased relatives are celebrated.  A high wooden scaffold (yagura) is assembled especially for the festival and it is the center for the dance as well as serving as the bandstand for musicians and signers.

Oliver Statler's Comments
Source: Modern Japanese Prints: An Art Reborn, Oliver Statler, Charles E. Tuttle Company, 1956, p. 47.
Writing in his seminal book Modern Japanese Prints: An Art Reborn published in the year this print was issued, Statler comments on the artist:

People are his main interest, the ordinary people of Japan, and although he sometimes shows them at work, he likes best to catch them when they are enjoying themselves.... Among his best prints are A Spa, An Inn at Kamisuwa, Autumn in a Mountain Village, Cherry-Viewing Dance..., Plum Orchard, Shadow-Picture Play, and the recent, gay Bon Odori.  

Print Details

 IHL Catalog #1079
 Title/Description untitled (Bon Dori 盆踊り)
 Maekawa Senpan (1888-1960)
 in pencil

 not sealed
 Publication Date 1956
 Publisher self-published
 Impression excellent
 Colors good
 Condition good - overall light toning and mat line outside image area
 Genre sosaku hanga (creative prints)
 H x W Paper 15 7/8 x 12 1/4 in. (40.3 x 31.1 cm )
 H x W Image 15 x 11 1/2 in. (38.1 x 29.1 cm)  
 Reference Literature 
 Collections This Print Harvard Art Museums/Arthur M. Sackler Museum, 1978.302
created: 9/29/2014