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Konishi Seiichirō (b. 1919)

Prints in Collection

Childhood Days
Childhood Days, 1960
IHL Cat. #2556

Childhood Days
Childhood Days, 1960
IHL Cat. #2557

Mount Daisen, Northern Slope

Hirosawa Pond, Saga
Hirosawa Pond, Saga, undated
IHL Cat. #1337

Pontochō Through Street II
IHL Cat. #1433

Buddhist Temple (Winter)
IHL Cat. #1680

Biographical Data


Konishi Seiichirō  小西誠一郎 (b. 1919) 
Sources: Guide to Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints: 1900-1975, Helen Merritt, University of Hawaii Press, 1992, p. 119 and as footnoted.
Born in Kyoto in 1919, Konishi Seiichirō studied oil painting and design under the Western-style painter Igaki Kahei (1892-1970).  A self-taught print artist, Konishi carved and printed his own work in the sosaku hanga (creative print) style.  There is no record of his prints being formally exhibited until 1951, when he exhibited at the Kyoto Print Society (Kyoto Hanga Kyōkai). He went on to exhibit at the Japan Woodblock Print Academy (Nihon Hanga-in or Banga-in), the New Production Association (Shin Seisaku Kyōkai), the Independent Fine Art Association (Dokuritsu Bijutsu Kyōkai) and at various one-man and group shows both in Japan and abroad.  It is reported that he come under the tutelage of the great sosaku hanga printmaker Munakata Shikō (1903-1975) in the 1950s.

“He uses strong forms and contrasts, but he also works entirely with color blocks, so without key-block lines. He also does figure studies, and here too he sometimes uses an unusual perspective.”1

The most recent print of the artist I have seen is dated 1983 and I have not been able to determine if the artist is still alive as of February 2016.

Women Sewing, 1956

Childhood Days, 1960

Still Life with Yellow Flowers
Kiiroi Hana no aru Seibutsu), 1961  

   Ink Stick Store in Nara
Nara no Choka, Sumi no Mise), 1967
Twilight at Enoshima, Kamakura, 1967

A view of the village Byakugoji
Byakugoji mura fuke), 1971 

Tree Shadows (Juei), 1983

Examples of Artist's Signatures and Seals 
Konishi Seiichirō

Konishi Seiichirō

"sei" seal

"sei" seal

"sei" seal


self-carved, self-printed
(appears on most of the artist's prints)


"Konishi" with unread seal


All rights reserved
創版会 First edition
stamped seal appearing on many of the artist's prints

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