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Kojima Shōgetsu (active c. 1870–1904)

Prints in Collection

Illustration of Emperor at National Diet Building, 1890
IHL Cat. #351

Illustration of the Emperor and Empress Arriving at the Third National Industrial Exhibition, 1890
IHL Cat. #79

Biographical Data


Kojima Shōgetsu 小島月 (active c. 1870–1904)
According to Woodblock Kuchi-e Prints: Reflections of Meiji Culture, Kojima Shōgetsu was born Kojima Katsumi and used the Tōshū 東洲, which appears on many of his prints.  He lived in the Asakusa area of Tokyo and painted genre scenes and sashi-e for several newspapers and magazines including Miyako no hana.  He designed kuchi-e, many prints of the Sino-Japanese War and on subjects related to the constitution and industrial exhibitions, as we see in this collection's two prints.1

A Dictionary of Japanese Artists contains the following information:  
Shōgetsu 勝月 
(fl. second half 19th c.).  N.: Kojima Katsumi. 
Gō: Shōgetsu 勝月, Tōshū 
 Biog.: Ukiyo-e printmaker.  His subject matter includes genre scenes and scenes from the 1894-95 war with China.

Often Confused with the Artist Hayakawa Shōzan (who used the artist name Hayakawa Shōgetsu)

Kojima Shōgetsu 小島, active c. 1870-1900, is often confused with the ukiyo-e artist Hayakawa Shōzan (1850-1892) who used the artist name Hayakawa Shōgetsu 早川, among others, and whose career overlapped with Kojima's. While the prints of the two artists are often conflated, we know that their given names are different, Kojima's given name being Katsumi and Hayakawa's given name being Tokunosuke and that their signatures are distinct from each other with a different kanji character being used for "shō", 勝 in Kojima Shōgetsu and 松 in Hayakawa Shōgetsu.

Name as commonly seen Artist Names () Birth NameDates
Kojima Shōgetsu
 Shōgetsu Tōshū 東洲 Kojima Katsumi 小島勝美dates of birth and death unknown: active c. 1870-1904
Hayakawa Shōzan
 Hōsei, Kisei 帰誠, Shōgetsu 松月,  Seisai 晴斎, Yasusei 保誠 Hayakawa Tokunosuke 早川徳之助1850-1892

1 Woodblock Kuchi-e Prints: Reflections of Meiji Culture, Helen Merritt and Nanako Yamada, University of Hawaii Press, 2000, p. 205.
2 A Dictionary of Japanese Artists: Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Prints, Lacquer, Laurance P. Roberts, Weatherhill, 1976, p. 150.

Artist Seals Attributed to Kojima Shōgetsu 

ōshū Shogetsu
from 1889
ōshū Shōgetsu with Toshu seal
from 1889

Tōshū Shogetsu
from 1890
IHL Cat. #79

Tōshū Shōgetsu from 1890
IHL Cat. #351
ōshū Shōgetsu
from 1891

Tōshū Shōgetsu

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