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Modan-dera, No. 66 from the series One Hundred Scenes of Kobe

Wada Sanzō (1883-1967)

Japanese Color Woodblock Print


from the series One Hundred Scenes of Kobe

by Kawanishi Hide, 1952-1953

Wada Sanzō (1883-1967)

IHL Cat. #1262

About This Print

This is a small-size print, approximately 3 1/2 x 3 in., which depicts the "Modan-dera" in Kobe.  The comments that accompany one version of this print note: "A branch of the Honganji Temple, it has been commonly known as 'Modan-dera' since the completion of the inner temple in 1933. Theofficial name of the temple is 'Zempuku-ji'.

Originally issued as part of the 1952-1953 series One Hundred Scenes of Kobe, it is unclear when this small format print was made.   The website of the city of Kobe provides an introduction to the series, copied below, and images of all one hundred prints.  Unfortunately, they do not list the size of the prints as originally issued.

The prints, originally created as woodblocks in 1952-1953, were re-issued as lithographs printed on Hosho paper in 1962 in a limited edition (1500 copies) book titled Hide Kawanaishi's "Kobe Hyakkei." 

Photos of pages from the 1962 book
Hide Kawanaishi's "Kobe Hyakkei" (One Hundred Scenes of Kobe)

Modan-dera (Modern Temple)

The "Modan-dera" today (2009)
photo by Takayuki Kita

The Series One Hundred Scenes of Kobe
Source: http://www.city.kobe.lg.jp/information/public/online/onehundred-scenes/index.html

"Hide Kawanishi (1894 - 1965), a renowned woodblock print artist from Kobe, produced series of work titled One Hundred Scenes of Kobe (Kobe Hyakkei) twice in his lifetime. The first time between 1933 - 1936 he depicted the bustling cityscapes and lives of prewar days of Kobe [in woodblock]. The second time, he produced poster color drawings of the changing city after the World War in the number of another one hundred in 1952 - 1953 [at the request of the newspaper Shinko shinbun]. Having revised or re-drawn one third of the latter, he published the Collection of Artwork - One Hundred Scenes of Kobe (Kobe Hyakkei) in 1962."

Print Details

 IHL Catalog #1262
 Titleモダン寺 (modan-dera)
 Series 神戸百景 Kobe Hyakkei
 One Hundred Scenes of Kobe
 Kawanishi Hide (1894-1965)
 Hide (printed)
artist's "Hide" seal
 Date originally 1952-1953
 Edition unknown
 Publisher the artist - self-published
 Printer self-printed by artist
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition good - small paper imperfection lower right; slightly trimmed
 Genre sosaku hanga (creative print)
 H x W Paper 3 7/16 x 2 7/8 in. (8.7 x 7.3 cm)
 H x W Image same as paper size above
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