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Imae Shunkin (active 1881-1895)

Prints in Collection

Viewing the Cherry Blossoms on the Sumida River at Night
 IHL Cat. #1908

Biographical Data


Imae Shunkin 今江春近 (active 1881-1895)

Source: Thanks to Guy Pepermans for supplying the below

No information is available about this artist who designed fan prints (uchiwa-e), prints depicting Japan's modernization (kaika-e) and book illustrations during the middle Meiji period, working in Nagoya (Aichi Prefecture) with Nagoya based publishers.

Example of Prints
Contemporary Beauty [making] 
Finger Shadow Picture of a Hare
當世別品指影絵 兎
Military Review of Nagoya 3rd Division
Nagoya Daisan Shidan bunretsushiki no zu, March 1889
image source: collection of Guy Perpermans
image source: The Kagawa Museum

Signatures and Seals

ōju Shunkin hitsu 

需 年々春近筆
ōju nennenko Shunkin hitsu / Toshidama seal
Imae Shunkin hitsu
Imae Shunkin hitsu / Toshidama seal

Imae Shunkin hitsu
需 春近筆
ōju Shunkin hitsu / Toshidama seal

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