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Y. Funasaka., Parco Gallery One Man Print Show (Exhibition Poster)

Fujimori Shizuo (1891-1943)

Japanese Color Woodblock Print

Y. Funasaka. Parco Gallery One Man Print Show (Exhibition Poster)

by Funasaka Yoshisuke, 1981

Fujimori Shizuo (1891-1943)

IHL Cat. #1679

About This Print

A poster promoting Funasaka's "one man print show" at the now defunct Parco Gallery in Chiba City.  As with much of his work, the poster combines silkscreen and woodblock.  Funasaka has used mica impregnated ink for the blue silkscreened background with silver metallic ink for the lettering.  He employs the large grid pattern and the irregularly shaped, along one side, vertical forms created from reusable woodblock cutouts that are often seen in his work from the mid/late 1970s till the end of the 1980s.

The Parco Gallery in Chiba City opened in December 1976 and was closed by Parco in November 2016.*

Parco is one of the most famous fashion shopping center (SC) in Japan. Parco has been sending the latest fashion information both at home and abroad for over 40 years, under the mission to offer its customers high-quality and unique shopping experiences.  Parco operates 20 stores from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south and is assumed as the sole nationwide fashion SC in Japan.  Not limited to shopping, wide range of services such as culture, art and/or entertainment is available at Parco’s cordially established shopping and entertainment facilities. [Source: http://www.parco.co.jp/customer/]

Print Details
 IHL Catalog #1679
 Title or Description Funasaka Yoshisuke One Man Print Show at the Parco Gallery
 舩坂芳助版画個展 Parco Gallery
 Funasaka Yoshisuke (b. 1939)
 Y. Funasaka in black ink
 Seal none
 Publication Date 1981
 Edition not editioned
 Publisher Parco Gallery
 Carver likely self-carved
 Printer unknown
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition excellent
 Genre sosaku hanga; contemporary
 H x W Paper 24 1/2 x 18 3/8 in. (62.2 x 46.7 cm)
 H x W Image
 same as above
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