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Autumn Celebration (chapter 7) from the album Illustrations for Genji monogatari in Fifty-Four Wood-Cut Prints

Ebina Masao (1913-1980)

Japanese Color Woodblock Print

Autumn Celebration (chapter 7) from the album

Illustrations for Genji monogatari

in Fifty-Four Wood-Cut Prints

by Ebina Masao, c. 1953

Ebina Masao (1913-1980)

IHL Cat. #2449

IHL Cat. #2524

About This Print

In this scene from chapter 7, Autumn CelebrationPrince Genji performs the "Waves of the Blue Ocean" duet dance with To-no-Chūjō.

This collection holds two impressions of the same print with the bottom image maintaining its original explanation overlay in English and Japanese. (See below.)

Source: The Tale of Genji, Lady Murasaki, Dead Authors Society, 2018
In the bright evening light the music echoed yet more grandly through the palace and the excitement grew; and though the dance was a familiar one, Genji scarcely seemed of this world. As he intoned the lyrics his auditors could have believed they were listening to the Kalavinka bird of paradise. The emperor brushed away tears of delight, and there were tears in the eyes of all the princes and high courtiers as well. 

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For an excellent introduction to The Tale of Genji see Penguin's "Short Summary of the Tale" at https://www.penguin.com/static/packages/us/taleofgenji/introduction3.php

About The Album

Print Details

 IHL Catalog #2449, #2524
 Title or Description
Autumn Celebration 紅葉賀 Momiji no ga
variously translated as The Festival of Red Leaves, An Autumn Excursion,  Beneath the Autumn Leaves, An Imperial Celebration of Autumn Foliages, Maple Fête
 Series Illustrations for Genji monogatari in Fifty-Four Wood-Cut Prints
 木版画源氏五十四帖  Mokuhanga Genji gojūyonjō
 Ebina Masao (1913-1980)
 not signed
 Seal正夫 Masao
 Publication Date 1953 or after (originally issued 1953; multiple editions are known)
 Publisher Yamada Shoin 山田書院
 Carver carving supervised by Yoshio Kawamo [Kawatsura Yoshio 川面義雄 (1880-1963)]
 Impression IHL Cat. #2449 and #2524: excellent
 Colors IHL Cat. #2449 and #2524: excellent
 Condition IHL Cat. #2449 and #2524: excellent
 Genre genji-e
 Format ōban
 H x W Paper IHL Cat. #2449: 8 11/16 x 12 7/16 in. (22.1 x 31.6 cm)
IHL Cat. #2524 (with mat and overlay): 10 3/16 x 13 7/8 in. (25.9 x 35.2 cm)
 IHL Cat. #2524 (print only): 9 3/16 x 12 13/16 in. (23.5 x 32.5 cm)
 H x W Image IHL Cat. #2449: 8 3/8 x 11 15/16 in. (21.3 x 30.3 cm)
 IHL Cat. #2522: 8 3/16 x 11 7/8 (20.8 x 30.2 cm)
 Collections This Print Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery, Scripps College 2018.1.79; University of Kansas Libraries KU Bib ID: 4123242 (entire portfolio; images not shown); National Diet Library Call Number 913.36-E17g-K (entire portfolio dated 1958; images not shown)
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