Ida Shōichi (1941–2006) Sazare A-15

image size: 19 7/16 x 19 7/16 in. (49.4 x 49.4 cm)
sheet size: 30 7/16 x 29 in. (77.3 x 73.7 cm)


Ida Shōichi (1941–2006)

Sazare A-15


Color spit bite, aquatint, drypoint, soft-ground etching and relief on paper
International Print Prize Purchase from the Friends of Vivian Gilkey, 1997.141

A master of many printing techniques, Ida combined them effortlessly to produce an array of effects. Here the artist used multiple types of etching: he covered a metal plate with wax, scratched off the design with a needle, and then dipped the plate in acid. The acid “bit” into the metal, leaving a recessed area that would hold ink. 

Three Masters of Abstraction Hagiwara Hideo, Ida Shōichi and Takahashi Rikio

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