Small Format Shin Hanga: Bridge and Lantern in Evening Snow (preparatory painting and print)

Small Format Prints - Shin Hanga and Ukiyo-e Reproductions

Japanese Color Woodblock Print

Bridge and Lantern in Evening Snow (untitled)

artist unidentified, c. 1930s

Small Format Reproduction: [After Hiroshige's] Fuchū, Nichō-machi, No. 6 from a Hiroshige harimaz-e series Pictures of the Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido,

IHL Cat. #1425 and #1697

About This Print

A small format print in the shin hanga style was likely published by Takemura Hideo in the 1930s and the preparatory painting for that print. The artist's signature that appears on this print has not been identified. 

Print Details

 IHL Catalog #1425 and #1697
 Title Bridge and Lantern in Evening Snow (untitled)
 artist unidentified
signature is unread.
 perhaps 福太 (Fukuta?)
 note: Artelino identifies the artist as Fukutaro Tanouchi but   notes that the biography for the artist is missing.
 Seal of the Artist not sealed
 Publication Date c. 1930s
 Publisher: Reproduction
 no publisher's seal but likely Takemura Hideo 竹村秀雄 (H. Takemura & Co.) 
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition good - minor toning
 Genre shin hanga
 Format yatsugiri
 H x W Paper 5 5/8 x 3 11/16 in. (14.3 x 9.4 cm )
 H x W Image 5 7/16 x 3 1/2 in. (13.8 x 8.9 cm)  
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