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Utagawa Yoshitsuya II (active 1870s)

Biographical Data


Utagawa Yoshitsuya II
歌川 芳艶 二代 (active 1870s)
Sources: A Dictionary of Japanese Artists: Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Prints, Lacquer, Laurance P. Roberts, Weatherhill, 1976, p. 204.
No information is available on the life of Yoshitsuya II 芳艶(二代)other than his given name was Miwa Yoshitsuya 箕輪 芳艶 and he was a student of Utagawa Yoshitsuya (1822-1866).  He used the Ichiesai 一英斎 and Issensha Kison 一仙舎其村.  His signatures often look identical to those of his teacher (see gourd shaped seal/signature below for an example.)

The artist did a few interesting prints featuring animals such as the print titled Ryuko usagi shukkai zue (Rabbit show exhibition list) which can be viewed on the site of Japan's National Diet Library http://www.ndl.go.jp/en/publication/ndl_newsletter/129/295.html and the print Ukiyo neko zukushi (Collection of Cats of the Floating World) which can be used on the British Museum's website at http://www.britishmuseum.org/research/search_the_collection_database/search_object_details.aspx?objectid=781583&partid=1&searchText=yoshitsuya&numpages=10&orig=%2fresearch%2fsearch_the_collection_database.aspx&currentPage=1.  He also created prints depicting legends and historical events, such as this collection's print of a celebration following the government's victory over rebellious samurai in the Satsuma Rebellion.

Signatures of Artist - a few examples

Ichisei Yoshitsuya ga with Yoshi kiri seal: paulownia flower seal

c. 1870

 Nidai (2nd generation) me Yoshitsuya
c. 1870