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Utagawa (Shunsai) Toshimasa (1866-1913)

Biographical Data


Utagawa (Shunsai 春斎) Toshimasa 歌川年昌 (1866-1913)
[also known as Eda Toshimasa 枝年昌]

Other than his being a student of the great Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892) until 1889, who acted as a rickshaw driver for his teacher and was adopted by another student of Yoshitoshi's, Eda Nenshō 枝年祥 (act. 1860s-1870s)1, little has been written about this artist who designed a number of sumo-e (wrestling prints) and senso-e (war prints) of the Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895).  While most references to this artist simply list that he was active from about 1870 until 1905 (indicating that he might have also created some Russo-Japanese War prints), Andreas Marks provides definitive birth and death dates of 1866 and 1913.2

A Few Other Prints by the Artist
Most interesting of all the artist's work is the below triptych picturing the awakening of the sun-goddess Amaterasu after her self-imposed exile.

Iwato kagura no kigen (岩戸神楽之起顕) – Origin of Music and Dance at the Rock Door
Shunsai Toshimasa, Meiji 20 (1887)

Konishiki Yasokichii (東京 小錦八十吉)
Shunsai Toshimasa, c. 1870-1875 

Signatures and Seals
Shunsai hitsu

Shunsai Toshimasa hitsu

Shunsai Toshimasa with Toshimasa seal
Toshimasa with Toshimasa seal
Shunsai Toshimasa with unread seal

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2 Publishers of Japanese Woodblock Prints: A Compendium, Andreas Marks, Hotei Publishing, 2011, p. 573.