Kanshin-ji Temple in Kawachi from the series Scenes of Sacred and Historic Places

Japanese Color Woodblock Print

Kanshin-ji Temple in Kawachi

by Tokuriki Tomikichiro, 1941

IHL Cat. #438

About This Print

One of the fifty prints in the series Scenes of Sacred and Historic Places (Seichi Shiseki Meisho) published by Uchida Woodblock Printing Company in 1941.  This temple gate is designated a National Treasure and Tokuriki's view of it is on a stormy autumn's day, absent of people.  The gate is decorated with a shimenawa (special plaited rope) to ward off evil spirits.

The Series - Scenes of Sacred and Historic Places

This series was extremely popular with domestic and foreign buyers who purchased one thousand copies within a short time after issuance.1  In the 1950s, six prints from this series were re-printed under the title The Album of Famous Views of Japan and eight additional prints under the title The Eight Views of Japan.  Later printings omit the information in the margin and some position the artist's signature and print title within the image in a different location from the original issue.

1 Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints - The Early Years, Helen Merritt, University of Hawaii Press, 1998, p. 89.

Format of Margin Annotations  of Original Edition and Print Title Within Image

top right
series title
Fuji Sanjurokkei no Uchi

below series title
assigned number of print in series
below print title
Tomikichiro Saku
(Made by Tomikichiro)
followed by oval

bottom right
 Uchida Bijutsu Shoshi (Uchida Fine Art Shop) followed in seal form by Fukyo Fukusei (Reproduction forbidden)
 print title

1 possibly a reproduction of an old censor's seal

The title of each print appears within the image area along with the artist's signature and seal.  The artist's signature is comprised of the artist's name "Tokuriki" either by itself or accompanied by the kanji characters 作 (saku "made by") or, as pictured below, 作 plus 謹 (kin "respectfully").

Kanshin-ji Temple

Source: Historical Dictionary of Osaka and Kyoto by Ian Martin Röpke, The Scarecrow Press, Inc.,1999, p. 52.
An important Shingon sect temple, located in Kawachi Nagano City in southern Osaka Prefecture, this temple, founded in the Nara period (1710-1794), was renamed by the saint Kobo Daishi as Kanshin-Ji Temple in 815.  The temple’s main gate, designated a National Treasure, dating from the ninth century, contains two wooden guardian statues, both of which are designated Important Cultural Properties.  The temple is closely associated with Masashige Kusunoki and the Southern Court Dynasty.

Print Details

 IHL Catalog  #438
 Title  Kanshin-ji Temple in Kawachi, Osaka 河内 観心寺
 Series  Scenes of Sacred and Historic Places (Seichi Shiseki Meisho 聖地 史蹟 名勝)
 Tokuriki Tomikichiro (1902-2000)
 Tomikichiro saku
 Seal  unread square seal (possibly "Tomikichiro")
 Date  September 1941
 Edition  original (first) edition
 Publisher  Uchida Bijutsu Shoten
 Impression  excellent
 Colors  excellent
 Condition  excellent - minor residue top corners verso from previous folio mounting
 Genre  shin hanga (new print)
 Miscellaneous  #33 in series
 Format  horizontal oban
 H x W Paper  11 1/4 x 16 1/4 in. (28.6 x 41.3 cm)
 H x W Image
 10 3/8 x 15 (26.4 x 38.1 cm)
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