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Kyobashi fukei Yomiuri shinbunsha, Kangyō-jō


Japanese Color Woodblock Print

Kyobashi fukei Yomiuri shinbunsha, Kangyō-jō

by Takeuchi Keishū, c. 1900

IHL Cat. #271

About This Print

Scene showing the offices of Tokyo's first newspaper Yomiuri shimbun 読売新聞社 on Kyobashi street in the Ginza district. The founder and first president of the Yomiuri shimbun, Takashi Koyasu, was a confident of the members of the literary coterie Kenyūsha (Friends of the Inkstone) which Takeuchi Keishū (1861-1942) belonged to. (See the artist's biography for additional information.)

Waseda University Database Detail

Source: Waseda University website http://www.wul.waseda.ac.jp/kosho/bunko10/b10_8436/index.html
Waseda University Library

 タイトル  京橋風景 読売新聞社・勧業場
 Kyobashi fukei Yomiuri shinbunsha, Kangyō-jō
 著者/作者  武内桂舟画  Takeuchi Keishū
 内容記述  請求記号:文庫10 8436  Request No.:Bunko10 8436
 キーワード  西垣文庫・錦絵 
 Nishigaki Bunko / Nishikie
 公開者  早稲田大学図書館  

 Yomiuri Shinbun Office December 1900
 Kyobashi Bridge with Yomiuri Shinbun office on right across bridge c. 1900

Print Details

 IHL Catalog  #271
 Title  Kyobashi fukei Yomiuri shinbunsha, Kangyō-jō 
 京 橋 風 景   読 売 新 聞 社 ・ 勧 業 場 
 Series  Frontispiece illustration from the literary magazine Bungei kurabu
 Takeuchi Keishū (1861-1942)
 Keishū ga
 Publication Date  c. 1900
 Publisher  unknown (likely Yomiuri Shinbun)
 Impression  good
 Colors  good
 Condition  poor - soiling, paper imperfections (worm damage, thinning)
 Genre  Meiji 
 H x W Paper  7 ¼ x 9 ½ in. (18.4 x 24.1 cm)
 H x W Image  6 ¼ x 8 ¼ in. (15.9 x 21 cm)
 Collections This Print  Waseda University Library Rare Materials Collection Nishigaki bunko (collection) 10 8436; The Metropolitan Museum of Art JP3718
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