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Fan - Ka


Japanese Color Etching

Fan - か (Ka)

by Ōuchi Makoto, c. 1975

IHL Cat. #884

About This Print

From a series of at least seven prints incorporating a fan motif and a hiragana character, in this case the character "ka" か which appears right reading on the fan and in its mirror image to the left of the fan. Ōuchi has borrowed the image of the beautiful courtesan entertaining herself with calligraphy from a c. 1794 woodblock titled Portrait of Kasen of Ogiya, a Celebrated Yoshiwara Beauty by the artist Chōbunsai Eishi (1756–1829).

Other prints in this series use the characters "re" れ, "ke" け, "ri" り, "fu" ふ, "e" え and "ni" に.

Portrait of Kasen of Ogiya, a Celebrated Yoshiwara Beauty, c. 1794
Chōbunsai Eishi (Japanese, 1756–1829)

Print Details

 IHL Catalog  #884
 Title  Fan - か (ka)
 Ōuchi Makoto (1926-1989)
 Ouchi M (in pencil)
 Publication Date  c. 1975
 Edition  68 of 100
 Publisher  self-published
 Printer  self-printed
 Impression  excellent
 Colors  excellent
 Condition  excellent - minor mat burn; two tape remnants top verso; minor crease top margin
 Genre  contemporary
 H x W Paper  24 3/4 x 19 3/8 in. (62.9 x 50.2 cm)
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