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Appendix 8 (temples 22, 23 and 24) from the Picture Album of the Thirty-Three Pilgrimage Places of the Western Provinces

Nakazawa Hiromitsu (1874-1964)

Japanese Letterpress Print

Appendix 8 (temples 22, 23 and 24)

from the Picture Album of the Thirty-Three Pilgrimage Places of the Western Provinces

by unknown, 1925 and 1946

Illustrated Account of the Sino-Japanese War, Volume 7

IHL Cat. #2370 (1925)

IHL Cat. #2413.54
(from the complete 1925 album of prints IHL Cat. #2413))

IHL Cat. #2326 (1946)

About This Print

The original 1925 edition and re-printed 1946 edition print of the eighth of eleven appendices in the Picture Album of the Thirty-Three Pilgrimage Places of the Western Provinces portfolio, each providing information on three of the thirty-three temples that make up the Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage. Each appendix sheet provides a sketch of each temple's honzon 本尊(enshrined principle image), its goeika 御詠歌 (a song/prayer recited by some pilgrims) and a haikai (comic linked verse) composed by the haiku poet Ishikura Suiyō 石倉翠葉 (1875-1938) who, along with the artist Akatsuka Chūichi 赤塚忠一 (1887-?), accompanied Nakazawa on his seventy-eight day pilgrimage to the thirty-three temples and surrounding sights beginning on December 11, 1923. The creator of the honzon sketches is unknown.

The three temples on this sheet (including their locales, using the old province names, and sangō 山号*) are: 

Settsu no kuni Fudaraku-san Sōji-ji  攝津國 陀洛山 總持寺 (temple 22, )

Settsu no kuni Ōchō-zan Katsuō-ji 攝津  山 勝尾寺 (temple 23, 二十)

Settsu no kuni Shiun-zan Nakayama-dera 攝津 紫雲山 中山寺 (temple 24, 二十). 

Each temple name in the below table is linked to its corresponding print.

* the name of a Buddhist temple's sacred mountain prefixed to the name of the temple. They are used both in the portfolio's table of contents and on each addendum sheet.

 Temple Name and Number Goeika  御詠歌
 Sōji-ji 總持寺, temple 22 There is no one
Old or young
Who cannot rely upon
Kannon's vow of help
At Sojiji
おしなべて 老いも若きも 総持寺の ほとけの誓い 頼まぬはなし
 Katsuō-ji 勝尾寺, temple 23 Although heavy with sin
In the teachings
Of Katusoji
My burden will be lightened
When I pray to Kannon

重くとも 罪には法の 勝尾寺 ほとけを頼む 身こそやすけれ 
 Nakayama-dera 中山寺, temple 24 Passing through
Fields and villages
I'm going on to
The Temple of Nakayama
To pray for the next life
野をもすぎ 里をもゆきて 中山の 寺へ参るは 後の世のため
Note: All goeika English translations taken from A Pilgrimage in Japan: The 33 Temples of Kannon, Joan D. Stamm, Mantra Books, 2018. Goeika in Japanese taken from the website of the Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage Association https://www.saikoku33.gr.jp/

Comparison of Appendix Sheets - The Original 1925 Release and the 1946 Second Edition

As shown below, the original 1925 release is printed in red ink on the same paper used for the prints themselves. The 1946 release is printed in black ink on a thin translucent sheet of paper.

A 1925 (left) and 1946 (right): Appendix 2 (temples 4, 5 and 6)

About the "Picture Album of the Thirty-Three Pilgrimage Places of the Western Provinces" 

First issued in 1925 and reprinted in 1946, the 1925 album contains 58 prints and the 1946 album 59 prints. For detailed discussion of the two editions and additional information on the Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage see this site's article Nakazawa Hiromitsu - Picture Album of the Thirty-Three Pilgrimage Places of the Western Provinces.

Nakazawa Hiromitsu - Picture Album of the Thirty-Three Pilgrimage Places of the Western Provinces
click on the image to go to the article

The Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage (Saigoku sanjūsansho junrei) 

Japan's most famous pilgrimage, originating in the 11th century, encompasses 33 Buddhist temples in Western Japan (Kansai region) dedicated to Kannon (bodhisattva Avalokitasvara), the Bodhisattva of Compassion, who hears the cries of the world and assists anyone in distress.

The 33 temples on the approximately 1,000 kilometer pilgrimage route correspond to Kannon's ability to take on 33 different forms. One hundred thousand pilgrims navigate the route in its entirety or part each year.

Note: For a listing of all 33 temples go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saigoku_Kannon_Pilgrimage. To access an interactive map of the route and its temples go to https://www.thetempleguy.org/p/saigoku-33-kannon-route.html and scroll down towards the bottom of the page.

Print Details

 IHL Catalog
 #2370, #2413.54 and #2326
 Title or Description  Appendix 8 (temples 22, 23 and 24)
note: the title shown left appears only on the 1925 edition.
 Series  Picture Album of the Thirty-Three Pilgrimage Places of the Western Provinces
 西国三十三所巡礼画巻 Saigoku sanjūsansho junrei gakan
 Artist  unknown - sketches of honzon not credited.  Principle artist for portfolio is Nakazawa Hiromitsu (1874-1964). Haikai by Ishikura Suiyō 石倉翠葉 (1875-1938).
 not signed
 Seal of the artist  not sealed
 Publication Date  IHL Cat. #2370 and #2413.54: September 28, 1925 大正十四年九月十八日発行 [publishing date as given on the colophon for the 1925 album]
 IHL Cat. #2326: January 18, 1946 昭和二十一年一月十八日発行 [Individual prints in the 1946 release are not dated. This date taken from a 1946 album colophon.]
 Publisher  發行者 金尾種次郎 publisher Kanao Tanejirō
 發兌元 金尾文淵堂 publishing house Kanao Bun'endō
 Below publisher's seal reading 文淵堂版 Bun'endō han appears in the right margin only on 1925 edition.

 Carver  not applicable
 Printer  1925 release: 松本兄弟堂, a company founded in Osaka by Matsumoto Kisaburō 松本喜三郎 in 1923
 1946 release: unknown
 Impression  IHL Cat. #2370: excellent
 IHL Cat. #2413.54: excellent
IHL Cat. #2326: fair
 Colors  IHL Cat. #2370: excellent
 IHL Cat. #2413.54: excellent
IHL Cat. #2326: good
 Condition  IHL Cat. #2370: excellent
 IHL Cat. #2413.54: good - foxing and discoloration
 IHL Cat. #2326: good - light vertical fold; light soiling
 Genre  shin hanga; shasei kikō (sketch-tour)
 Format  horizontal oban
 H x W Paper 
 IHL Cat. #2370 and #2413.54: 10 1/8 x 15 1/4 in. (25.7 x 38.7 cm)
 IHL Cat. #2326: 9 5/8 x 13 7/8 in. (24.4 x 35.2 cm) 
 H x W Image
 IHL Cat. #2370 and #2413.54: 8 1/2 x 11 1/2 in. (22.5 x 29.2 cm) (area within red border - note image area extends beyond red border)
 IHL Cat. #2326: 8 9/16 x 11 7/16 in. (21.7 x 29.1 cm) (area within black border)
 Literature   Nakazawa Hiromitsu kenkyū: Hon karano kenshō, Hiromitsu Nakazawa, Mitsunobu Satō, et. al., Mitsui Kōkei, Tokyo, 2006, p. 46-48.
 Collections This Print
 National Diet Library Call Number 寄別7-8-2-5; National Library Board, Singapore BRN:9854371 (entire 1946 album, no images shown); British Library System number: 017018582 (entire 1946 album, no images shown)Harvard Yenching Library HOLLIS number 990082993710203941 (1925 album)

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