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Terasawa Kōtarō (fl. ca. 1915)

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Terasawa Kōtarō 寺澤孝太郎  (fl. ca. 1915) - Outside of being listed as one of the artists who contributed to the short-lived magazine Shin Nigao, the only English language reference I've seen to this artist appeared in the June 1909 issue of the arts magazine International Studio (An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art)1, which cited him as an example of a Japanese artist showing "progress in Western methods..." in the recent "Fine Arts Exhibition held a few months ago in Tokio under the auspices of the Department of Education..."  His painting Going Home, shown below, is described as depicting a "characteristic type of the native labourer."

Teresawa Kōtarō
Going Home
, oil painting, c. 1909

1 "Western Influence upon Art in Japan" appearing in The International Studio (An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art), Volume 37, June 1909, edited by Charles Holme, Guy Eglington, Peyton Boswell, William Bernard McCormick, Henry James Whigham, published by New York Offices of the International Studio John Lane Company, 110-114 West 32d St.