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Ōkura Kōtō (?-1910)

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Ōkura Kō 大倉耕涛 (?-1910)
A student of Ogata Gekkō (1859-1920).  Created a number of Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese war prints, including a double triptych depicting a panoramic view of the victory at Port Arthur.  

In 1906, he is mentioned as a member of the art society Edokko-kai 江戸ッ子會, whose "members, composed of those originating from Tokyo with the aim of promoting painting and exploring the tastes of the Edokko, are soon to plan an opening ceremony."  Other artists in the group mentioned are Itō Ryūgai 伊藤龍涯, Yasuda Yukihiko 安田靱彦 (1884–1978), Sakamaki Kōgyo 坂巻耕漁 (Tsukioka Kōgyo, 1869–1927; Yoshitoshi’s student), Nanbo Shuen 南保秋淵, Mio Goseki 三尾呉石 (1885–1946), Ezaki Tenseki 江 崎點石 and Tatsuoka Kaisetsu 立岡快雪.1

1 Shaping the Present, Crafting the Past: Imaging Self-Narrative in the Life and Work of Toyohara Kunichika (1835–1900), Amy Reigle Newland, The University of Auckland, 2016, P. 104-105.

Sample Signatures and Seals of the Artist
大倉耕涛謹絵 / ?
Okura Kōtō kinkai (humbly painted) / unread
耕涛 / 耕涛
Kōtō / Kōtō
耕涛 / 耕涛尾形
Kōtō / Kōtō Ogata

耕涛 / 耕濤之印
Kōtō / Kōtō no in

Kōtō / unread
耕涛 / 耕涛
Kōtō / Kōtō