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Fine Weather After a Snowfall at Heian-jingu Shrine from the series New Views of Kyoto

Japanese Color Woodblock Print 

Fine Weather After a Snowfall

at Heian-jingu Shrine

from the series New Views of Kyoto

by Kamei Tōbei, c. mid-1950s

Moon at Chūshojima from the series New Views of Kyoto

IHL Cat. #1121

About This Print

A postcard-size print (approx. 5 x 6.5 in.) depicting visitors to Kyoto's Heian-jingu Shrine on a sunny winter's day.  The Grand Shrine Gate built in 1929 towers over them.  A different impression, shown below, from the collection of the The Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama appears to be printed from slightly different blocks.   

While the print is undated, the attribution to Kamei Genbei, Genbei being a name used by Kamei after 1953, suggests a mid-1950s or later publishing.  

版画集 『新京都名所 [New Views of Kyoto]』 原画 1
[Fine Weather After a Snowfall at Heian-jingu Shrine]
はんがしゅう しんきょうとめいしょ げんが 1 へいあんじんぐうゆきばれ
亀井 玄兵衞 (かめい げんべい) [Kamei Genbei (1901-1977)]
制作年不詳 [production year unknown]
本紙12.0×16.3cm (4.72 x 6.42 in.) /
ページ寸22.8×27.8 cm (size of page print is mounted on.)
The Agency of Cultural Affairs - Cultural Heritage Online
[from the collection of The Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama]

Hein-jingu Shrine

Source: japan-guide.com http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3904.html and website the Heian Jingu Shrine http://www.heianjingu.or.jp/english/0101.html

Heian Shrine (平安神宮, Heian Jingū) has a relatively short history, dating back just over a hundred years to 1895. The shrine was built on the occasion of the 1100th anniversary of the capital's foundation in Kyoto and is dedicated to the spirits of the first and last emperors who reigned from the city, Emperor Kammu (737-806) and Emperor Komei (1831-1867). Heian is the former name of Kyoto.

A giant torii gate (a ferro-concrete structure built in 1929) marks the approach to the shrine, around which there are a couple of museums. The actual shrine grounds themselves are very spacious, with a wide open court at the center. The shrine's main buildings are a partial replica of the original Imperial Palace from the Heian Period, built on a somewhat smaller scale than the original.

Heian Shrine's massive Torii Gate standing 24.2 meters high during the Jidai Festival

Print Details

 IHL Catalog #1121
 Title Fine Weather After a Snowfall at Heian-jingu Shrine 平安神宮の晴雪
 Series New Views of Kyoto 新京都名所
 Kamei Tōbei  (1901-1977)
 not signed
artist's tō seal 
 Date c. mid-1950s
 Edition unknown
 Publisher unknown
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition good - minor foxing; backed with stiff paper (likely the original mounting trimmed); rubbing with minor image loss
 Genre sosaku hanga (creative print)
 Format yotsugiri
 H x W Paper and Image 4 13/16 x 6  7/16 in. (12.2 x 16.4 cm)
 Collections This Print The Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama
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