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Bijin in brown kimono (untitled)

Noguchi Kōgai (active c. 1920s-1930s)

Japanese Color Lithograph and/or Photo Offset Print

Bijin in brown kimono (untitled)

by Igawa Sengai, c. 1915-1920

Noguchi Kōgai (active c. 1920s-1930s)

IHL Cat. #1616

About This Print

This kuchi-e with its characteristic tri-fold from being inserted in a book or magazine either illustrated a story or served as a promotional frontispiece.  From 1915 to the early 1920s, when this print was likely created, hundreds, if not thousands, of illustrations by well-known and little-known artists appeared in mass market popular culture magazines targeted at women such as Bungei kurabu 文芸俱楽部 (Literary Club, 1895-1933), Kōdan kurabo 講談倶楽部 (Kōdan Club, 1911-1946), Kōdan zasshiFujokai (Women's World, 1910-1952)Jogaku sekai 女学世界 (The World of Women's Learning, c. 1901-1913), Shufunotomo 主婦之友 (The Housewifes' Friend, 1917-?).  By the 1920s, most of the illustrations were reproduced by lithography and/or photo-offset printing (distinctive half-tone dot patterns are visible in all areas or portions of the print) rather than woodblock.1

Unfortunately most kuchi-e have become separated from the original magazines or novels they were inserted in, making it impossible to determine what they may have been illustrating.

In 1914 the first offset litho printing in Japan was carried out by Shōsandō (Mizuno Gukichi). It had been invented in the United States in 1906 and then developed in Germany. It allows three-color printing, a clear impression even on poor paper, and economy in the use of printing ink. [Source: Being Modern in Japan, Culture and Society from the 1910s to the 1930s, Ed. Elise K. Tipton and John Clark (Appendix, Chronology, Japanese Printing, Publishing, and Prints, 1860s-1930s, John Clark)

Print Details

 IHL Catalog #1616
 Title or Description Bijin in brown kimono  (untitled)
 Magazine unknown
 Igawa Sengai (1876-1961)


 Seal sealed 洗厓 Sengai (see above)
 Publication Date c. 1915-1920
 Publisher unknown
 Printer unknown
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition excellent
 Genre bijin kuchi-e
 H x W Paper 12 5/16 x 8 3/4 in. (31.3 x 22.2 cm)
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