The Huge Win of the Armed Forces


 Japanese Color Woodblock Print

The Huge Win of the Armed Forces

by Hasegawa Sadanobu II, 1877

Portrait of Saigō Takamori

IHL Cat. #567

About This Print

The fourth print in a series of twenty prints depicting the 1877 Satsuma Rebellion published as nishiki-e shinbun (newspaper prints) by the Osaka newspaper Ari no sonomama, which roughly translates to As It Is Now.

The red cartouche in the upper right hand corner reads 鹿児嶋縣 (Kagoshima-ken) 有のそのまま (Ari no Sonomama) and also provides the print number in the series 四 (4).

The title seen on the far right in the yellow scroll reads はら切坂友軍大勝利, a partial translation of which is
"the huge win of the armed forces" 軍の大勝利, preceded by a location 坂友 and はら切, which may be a reference to harakiri.

The red cartouche on the bottom left contains the name of the publisher/editor 金井徳兵 Kanai Tokubei.

The entire series of twenty prints may be seen on the Waseda University Library website at

For a summary of the brief life of nishiki-e shinbun (newspaper color woodblock prints) see the article Nishiki-e shinbun and Newspapers in Meiji Japan.

Other Impressions

Kagawa University Library
タイトル 鹿児島県有のそのまゝ
Kagoshima-ken ari no sonomama

著者/作者 金井徳兵衛編
Kanai Tokubei ed.

内容記述 請求記号:文庫10 8061 4 ; 出版事項:明治10年3月 ; 号数:4 ; Request No.:Bunko10 8061 4 ; Publisher/Year/Place:Mar. 1877 ; No.:4

キーワード 西垣文庫・錦絵
Nishigaki Bunko / Nishikie

Waseda University Library 10 8061 4

Print Details

 IHL Catalog
 Title or Description  The Huge Win of the Armed Forces
 Newspaper  有のそのまま (Ari no Sonomama based in Osaka)
 Artist  Hasegawa Sadanobu II (1848-1940)
 Signature  not signed
 Seal  not sealed
 Writer of Text
 Publication Date  March 5, 1877
 Publisher  Kanai Tokubei 金井徳兵
 Impression  excellent
 Colors  excellent
 Condition  good - not backed; full size, minor soiling
 Genre  ukiyo-e; nishiki-e shinbun
 Format  horizontal oban
 H x W Paper
 10 3/8 x 14 3/4 in. (26.4 x 37.5 cm)

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 Kagawa University LibraryWaseda University Library 10 8061 4