A Dutiful Geisha, No. 2 from from Kankyo, Nishiki-e Hyakuji Shinbun


 Japanese Color Woodblock Print

A Dutiful Geisha,

No. 2 from from Kankyo, Nishiki-e Hyakuji Shinbun

by Hasegawa Sadanobu II, 1875

Portrait of Saigō Takamori

IHL Cat. #2301

About This Print

The second issue of Osaka's most popular nishiki-e shinbun (color picture newspaper), picturing a dutiful geisha attending to an elderly geisha.

Following their introduction in Tokyo, nishiki-e shinbun made their appearance in Osaka in 1875. The Osaka issued prints differed from their Tokyo counterparts in being half-size (chuban rather than oban size). The Kankyo nishiki-e hyakuji shinbun had the widest circulation among nishiki-e shinbun in Osaka. As many as 190 issues were published  from September 1875 to September 1876. . [ref. https://japanese-wiki-corpus.github.io/culture/Nishiki-e-shinbun.html]

Around June 1876 the paper changed its format to make it appear more like a newspaper to compete with the growing number of Osaka newspapers to which the Osaka nishiki-e shinbun would soon succumb.

image source: Waseda University Library 

To see additional issues, contained in two bound volumes, of the "Officially Authorized Brocade Picture News on Everything" go to the Waseda University Library archive at:

For a summary of the brief life of nishiki-e shinbun (newspaper color woodblock prints) see the article Nishiki-e shinbun and Newspapers in Meiji Japan.

Print Details

 IHL Catalog
 Title or Description A Dutiful Geisha
 孝行な芸妓くら kōkō na geiji kura
 Newspaper Officially Authorized Brocade Picture News on Everything, No. 2
 Kankyo nishikie hyakuji shinbun 官許 錦画百事新聞 第弐号 (as written in banner along top of print)
 Artist Hasegawa Sadanobu II (1848-1940)
Hasegawa Sadanobu ga 
note: signature is within publisher's cartouche
 Seal not sealed
 Writer of Text
 知足館 松旭 Chisokukan Shōkyoku (active 19th century)
 Publication Date 1875
Maeda Takehachirō 前田武八郎
green cartouche (lower left margin): 
left column: 前田武八郎 
Maeda Takehachirō (also read Buhachirō) [Marks: pub. ref. 288; seal ref. similar to 25-387]
right column: 大坂心才橋塩町 (publisher's address in Osaka)

blue cartouche (lower left image):
right column: 編輯人  友鳴吉兵衛
Editor: Tomonari Kichibei* (Kichibee)
center column: 長谷川貞信画
Picture by [ga]: Sadanobu
left column: 印刷人  前田喜次郞
Printer: Maeda Kijirō
* multiple sources list Kanai Tokubei as the editor, which is true for many of the prints in this series, but not for this particular print.

not provided on print
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition good - not backed; full margins; minor marks; several small worm holes
 Genre ukiyo-enishiki-e shinbun 錦絵新聞
 Format horizontal chuban
 H x W Paper 
 9 1/2 x 6 13/16 in. (241 x 17 cm) (approximate - not measured)
 H x W Image 

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