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Hasegawa Sadanobu II (Konobu I) (1848-1940)

Biographical Data


Hasegawa Sadanobu II 二代 長谷川貞信 (1848-1940) [Konobu I 信] 
[Note: biography updated 6/6/2017]
Sources: The Hotei Encyclopedia of Japanese Woodblock Prints, Amy Reigle Newland, Hotei Publishing Company, 2005, p. 439; the website of the Fukeiga Library http://fukeiga.library.pref.osaka.jp/gaka.php?ID=114

The second of six generations of Hasegawas, starting with his father Hasegawa Sadanobu I (1809-1879) and continuing through Sadanobu IV (1914-1999) and Konobu V (born 1946).  [See Hasegawa Lineage below.] He was born in Osaka and used the gō (artist name) Konobu 小信 until 1879 when he started using the Sadanobu name as his gō  upon the death of his father Sadanobu I.  He studied with his father and with Osai Yoshiume 鶯斎 芳梅 (1819-1879), (a.k.a. Utagawa Yoshiume), a student of Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s (1797-1861).  He spent about three years in Kobe starting in 1867 during which he produced a number of prints showing scenes of the impact of Westerners in and around the city.  

Picture of Prosperity on the Kobe Coast
摂津神戸海岸繁栄之図 二代目 長谷川貞信画 明治4年(1871)

His print designs include depictions of actors (yakusha-e), landscapes (fūkei-ga), civilization and enlightenment/modernization (bunmei kaika-e), the Sino-Japanese War (senso-e), illustrations for novels (kuchi-e), advertising flyers (hikifuda 引き札) and prints for newspaper supplements (nishiki-e shinbun). His nishiki-e shinbun prints were mostly created for the Osaka Yubin hochi shinbun (Postal News) and the Osaka nichinichi shinbunshi (Osaka Daily News), for which he also wrote stories. 

For a full range of the artist's work see the website of Kansai University Library at http://kul01.lib.kansai-u.ac.jp/library/etenji/hasegawa/shodai.html

The Hasegawa Lineage
Sources: "Mameban nishiki-e" by Peter Ujlaki and John Fiorillo, appearing in Andon 103, Journal of the Society for Japanese Arts, spring 2017, p. 64 and as clarified in email exchanges with John Fiorillo on June 6, 2017 and July 27, 2020.

 Name gō (artist name) birth-death notes
 Hasegawa Sadanobu I did not use the Konobu gō 1809-1879 
 Hasegawa Sadanobu II Konobu I 1848-1940 son of Sadanobu I
 never took Sadanobu name Konobu II 1866-1886 younger brother of Sadanobu  II
 Hasegawa Sadanobu III Konobu III 1881-1963 son of Sadanobu II
 Hasegawa Sadonobu IV Konobu IV 1914-1999 son of Sadanobu III
 Hasegawa Sadonobu V 
 (ascended to this name in   2003)
 Konobu V b. 1946 daughter of Sadanobu IV

Note: Ujlaki and Fiorillo in their article note the following: "The literature on the Hasegawa lineage of artists (unusually, all were blood relations, i.e., sons and one daughter; none were adopted into the lineage) offers conflicting identifications for the use of 'Konobu' (earlier gō or art name).

Sample Signatures and Seals of the Artist


Hasegawa Sadanob
u ga

Hasegawa Sadanobu ga
2nd generation
Sadanobu ga
2nd generation
Sadanobu ga
2nd Hasegawa Sadanobu ga

ōjū Sadanobu with yin/yang seal
Hasegawa Konobu ga

ōjū Sadanobu hitsu with ying/yang seal

ōjū Konobu with yin/yang seal
Konobu with Konobu seal
Konobu hitsu with Konobu seal
Konobu seal

Hasegawa and Konobu seals
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