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Hasegawa Chikuyō (fl. c. 1870-1880s)

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Hasegawa Chikuyō 長谷川竹葉 (ハセガワ, チクヨウ) (fl. c. 1870-1880s)

Family Name: 長谷川勘之助 Hasegawa Kannosuke.

Little information is available on the life of this artist who worked as an illustrator and print artist in the 1870s and 1880s.  According to the Japan wikipedia entry1 he was a student of Utagawa Kunisada I (1786–1865).  He is represented in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the National Archives of Japan and the Waseda University Library collection.

The MFA, Boston entry for their collection's print lists the artist's go as Suiken 翠軒 (すいけん) Chikuyō.

He was the artist for Chart of Plants published by the Ministry of Education in 1873, a page of which follows:

Painted by Hasegawa Chikuyō.
The page is divided into 3 groups, corn, peas and root plants, and they are painted in multi color.
Among corn, there are rice, wheat, millet as well as maize.
Original size: 58cm and 81cm

National Archives of Japan

He also created the series Twelve Scenic Views of Nikko 日光名勝十二景 in 1881, an example of which follows.

Nikko City Public Library collection
制作者名 (artist):長谷川勘之助、(carver) 松島政吉
発行者 (publisher):鬼平金四郎 (Onihira Kinshirō)
発行年月日:明治14年 (1881)

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Artist's Signatures

Hasegawa Chikuyō fude with uread seal
Hasegawa Chikuyō fude
Hasegawa ?