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My Space and My Dimension, No. 747

Japanese Color Woodblock and Silkscreen Print

My Space and My Dimension, No. 747

by Funasaka Yoshisuke, 1982

Ginkaku-ji, Kyoto

IHL Cat. #1573

About This Print

Another variation of the artist's main theme which he calls "My Space and My Dimension". Combining silkscreen for the background, using a silkscreen ink impregnated with mica, Funasaka employs reusable woodblock cutouts for the vertical forms.  

Print Details
 IHL Catalog #1573
 Title My Space and My Dimension, No. 747
 Funasaka Yoshisuke (b. 1939)
 Y. Funasaka in pencil
 Seal none
 Publication Date 1982
 Edition 1/100
 Publisher self-published
 Printer unknown, but possibly self-printed or printed by A. Sakayori who Funasaka started working with during the early 1970s
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition good - bend in upper right margin and lower left margin corner; remnant impression of written note in top margin
 Genre sosaku hanga; contemporary
 Miscellaneous stamped label appearing on verso:
 H x W Paper 13 1/8 x 12 1/8 in. (33.3 x 30.8 cm)
 H x W Image
 10 1/4 x 9 13/16 in. (26 x 24.9 cm)
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