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Rainbow night 8


Japanese Color Screenprint

Rainbow night 8

from the series Rainbow night

by Ay-O, 1971

Print 1 from the series Very Popular Story. Event for Prints. Rainbow glass. Then, Mr. Ay-o got drunk by the Rainbow.

IHL Cat. #817

About This Print

Ay-O has made a number of variously titled prints, paintings and sculptures showing anatomically correct male and female figures.  In this artist's proof, a vibration of color links the two figures.  It is one of ten prints in the series Rainbow night (shown below.) 

I do not know if this print was ever editioned, as the copy of the print shown in the artist's print catalogue raisonee is also marked as an artist proof.

In discussing this series, Ay-o states:

In this series...I wanted to express a certain order...in the same way that time slowly elapses. 

I used cut-out dolls when I was drawing the ten prints of Rainbow night.  When I made Rainbow night 1 [pictured below] I also had the objective of mixing all these together and making them fulfill the role similar to a table of contents for a series.

Rainbow night 8 is an angle taken from above of a man and a woman facing upward. Moreover, the form of the man and woman in Rainbow night 8 is a completely identical silhouette.  Hair, breasts, and male genitals deceive the eye.1

1 Ay-O's Rainbow Prints: Catalogue Raisonne, 1954-1979, Sadajiro Kubo, Sohbun-sha, 1979, p. 86

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Print Details

 IHL Catalog  #817
 Title (description)
 Rainbow night 8 (title as given in artist's print catalogue raisonee)
 Series  Rainbow night
 Ay-O (b. 1931)
 Signature  Ay-O (pencil lower right)
 Publication Date  1971
 Edition  artist proof
 Publisher  unknown
 Printer  Tokozo Okabe 徳園 岡部 (Okabe Print Editions)
 Impression  excellent
 Colors  excellent
 Condition  excellent
 Genre  modern print - silkscreen
 H x W Paper  21 3/8 x 29 in. (54.3 x 73.7 cm )
 Collections This Print  
 Reference Literature  Ay-O's Rainbow Prints: Catalogue Raisonne, 1954-1979, Sadajiro Kubo, Sohbun-sha, 1979, p. 86, pl. 87.