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Japanese Color Screenprint


by Ay-O, 1976

IHL Cat. #890

About This Print

One of the artist's hommages to past artists, this one to Cézanne and his 1893-1894 still life Sugarbowl, Pears and Tablecloth.  This artist proof was editioned under the title of Rainbow Cézanne (セザンヌ).

Sugarbowl, Pears and Tablecloth, 1893-1894
Oil on canvas 50.9 x 62 cm.
POLA Museum of Art (Japan)

Ay-O's Comments
Source: AY-O’s Rainbow Prints Catalogue Raisonne 1954-1979, Sadajirō Kubo, Sohbun-sha, p. 178.

"Rainbow Cezanne", is another of the Nomura editions. In the pamphlet I wrote as follow concerning this work: "There was a period in my youth when I, too, was 'infected by Cezanne'. Some people may not believe me, but everything that came within my vision in Japan, the scenery, people and still life, appeared to me to be exactly the same as those of Cezanne's France. Recollections of the waving trees of the forest, the apple looking as if it were made of porcelain, and the nude with a blue shadow - these are at once the heart pains of my youth. To that memory, I dedicate this piece."

Print Details

 IHL Catalog  #890
 Title or Description
 Cézanne (セザンヌ)
 Ay-O (b. 1931)
 Signature  Ay-O (pencil lower right)
 Publication Date  1976
 Edition  artist proof
 Publisher  Nomura Mutiple Art  乃村マルチプルアート [edition エディション ] [Nomura Kogei]
 Nomura Multiple Art was formed under Nomura Engineering Co. Ltd. to produce and distribute high-quality multiple works of art, prints and 3-dimensional works) to enjoy in the home and in the office. (Source: http://blog.livedoor.jp/tokinowasuremono/archives/53350226.html)
 Printer  清水義隆 / 清水邦夫 [Shimizu Yoshitaka? / Shimizu Fumio?]
 note: printers names in kanji taken from Ay-O's Rainbow Prints: Catalogue Raisonne, 1954-1979 
 Impression  excellent
 Colors  excellent
 Condition  excellent - minor mat burn; some toning verso
 Genre  modern print - silkscreen
 H x W Paper  11 5/8 x 11 5/8 in. (29.5 x 29.5 cm )
 H x W Image
 8 1/4 x 8 1/4 in (21 x 21 cm)
 Collections This Print  Five Colleges and Historic Deerfield Museum Consortium AC 2010.26 (edition 139/200)
 Reference Literature  Ay-O's Rainbow Prints: Catalogue Raisonne, 1954-1979, Sadajiro Kubo, Sohbun-sha, 1979, p. 269, cat. no. 313.
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