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By The Lake


 Japanese Color Woodblock Print

By The Lake

by Ansei Uchima, 1961

IHL Cat. #868
Conversation of the Winds (風の会話)

About This Print

Source: New York Public Library website http://web-static.nypl.org/exhibitions/pressure/artists3.html
This print appeared in the 2005 exhibition ""Prints With/Out pressure : American relief prints from the 1940s through the 1960s" organized by the New York Public Library.

Print Details

 IHL Catalog  #868
 Title  By The Lake
 Series  n/a
 Ansei Uchima (1921-2000)
 Pencil signed by artist – A. Uchima and 内間安瑆
 Seal  “Uchima” impressed in upper left hand corner
 Publication Date  1961
 Edition  172 of 200
 Publisher  Issued by the International Graphic Arts Society (IGAS)1
 Impression  excellent
 Colors  excellent
 Condition  excellent- light toning and handling creases
 Genre  sosaku hanga (creative print)
 Miscellaneous  printed on paper watermarked "Uchima" in upper right-hand corner of sheet
 H x W Paper  22 1/2 x 14 7/8 in. (57.2 x 37.8 cm)
 H x W Image  18 1/2 x 10 1/2 in. (47 x 26.7 cm)
 Collections This Print  Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University 91.079.100; Five Colleges and Historic Deerfield Museum Consortium AC 1994.685
 Reference Literature

1 The International Graphic Arts Society (IGAS) was a nonprofit organization founded in 1951 with the dual goals of promoting the work of contemporary printmakers and bringing print media to a wider audience. IGAS served as a driving force behind the post-World War II "Print Renaissance" in the United States for the next two decades. At the core of IGAS was a seven-member jury that was responsible for selecting the artists who would then be commissioned to produce editions that would eventually be sold to IGAS members. Among the artists published by IGAS are Karel Appel, Leonard Baskin, Hans Erni, Stanley W. Hayter, Jean Iurcat, Ynez Johnston, Ezio Martinelli, Seong Moy, Gabor Peterdi, Paul Shaub, Kiyoshi Saito, Ben Shahn, Carol Summers, Rikio Takahashi, Peter Takal and Ada Yunkers. [Sources: Syracuse University website http://travex.syr.edu/exhibitions/SUArt/IGAS.html;  https://archive.org/stream/calendarofdukeun1963duke/calendarofdukeun1963duke_djvu.txt and College Museum Notes Author(s): Patrick J. Kelleher Source: Art Journal, Vol. 22, No. 4 (Summer, 1963)]